Trattoria Menu

April 2017

Mondays through Thursdays

Let Chef Patierno introduce you to the regions of Italy through our Trattoria Menu, available Monday  through Thursday. In Italy, a trattoria is a small, family-run eatery that serves a few choice dishes from recipes passed down through generations.

Enjoy four courses from the Campania region, served family style for two people, for $85, or three courses for $70.

Antipasti: Mozzarella lightly fried, lemon anchovy sauce
First Course: Ricotta gnocchi with butter and lemon zest
Second Course: Cod with tomatoes, olives, and capers
Dessert: Flourless Chocolate Cake

Ricotta gnocchi with butter and lemon zest

Cod with tomatoes, olives, and capers

Housemade flourless chocolate cake








Running along the gulf of Naples and Sorrento, Campania is home to picturesque towns and strong cultural traditions.The food of Campania is based on inexpensive ingredients, like pasta, herbs, vegetables and, when it comes time to splurge, fish. The regional cuisine is a mix of the people’s food, the food of the masses, and aristocratic touches passed down by the various rulers.- Girasole - The Plains, VA, Middleburg, Marshall, Salamander Spa and Resort, Whole Ox, Red Truck Bakery, Gentle Harvest, Haymarket