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Local Purveyors

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In our last newsletter, Chef Patierno discussed his passion for fresh, local ingredients, especially those from Girasole’s own garden. This month, we thought we’d introduce you to three local purveyors who help to stock Chef Patierno with the best, choicest ingredients.

Ayrshire Farm, located in nearby Upperville, is a certified organic farm, specializing in rare and endangered breeds of livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Among other things, Chef Patierno’s use of free-range chickens, veal, and Gloucesterhire Old Spot hogs helps to create the distinct flavors and tastes of dishes that you’ve come to love.

Fields of Athenry Farm, named from the ballad describing the rolling fields of Gallway Bay, Ireland, is a family-run farm in Purcellville. Dedicated to healthy eating as a means of disease prevention, the Fields of Athenry supplies Girasole’s kitchen with such ingredients as lamb and turkeys. Anyone that has come to Girasole for Thanksgiving Dinner knows the amazing quality of the turkeys.

Imagination Acres, located in Spotsylvania supplies Girasole with heritage-breed rabbits called Creme D’Argent and is the source for such chef specials as rabbit ravioli or braised rabbit loin stuffed with Italian chestnuts.

“Getting the best ingredients is key to cooking, but especially important when creating authentic Italian dishes.” says Chef Patierno. “By using the very best, which usually means local ingredients, we are able to create dishes like those that have been made for generations throughout Italy.” So, the next time you order your favorite meal at Girasole, rest assured that not only will your meal be delicious, but you’ll be supporting local farms right here in Virginia.